Take an example, youth! In Lida, gold heroes of the day exchanged rings again at the registry office


"To be together all life and forever ..."


"To be together all life and forever ..." - lines from a poem written by the spouses sound like the motto of their long and happy life together. Fifty years ago, on 17 October they tied the knot and since then have gone through life shoulder to shoulder, carrying fidelity to family duty through the years.


And today in the Lida registry office the solemn registration of the half-century anniversary took place. And again Mendelssohn's march sounded, and then there were warm congratulations, but from the children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and that very waltz ... The heroes of the day started dancing, and I suddenly remembered the words from a poem by Yanina Yanchevskaya, which she dedicated to her husband:


And I love how I loved

I look into my own eyes

And the waltz, this dance is beautiful

I want to spin us again!

What did Yanina Petrovna and Konstantin Mikhailovich remember today, when they again had to stand on the wedding towel, say warm words of confession to each other?



-I remember how, after graduating from the Zheludokskiy medical school, I came to the village of Dalekie as a young specialist - to work as the head of a feldsher-obstetric station, tells Yanina Petrovna the correspondent of “Lidskaya Gazeta”. However, the dream of becoming a doctor haunted me, and I was thinking about preparing for admission to the medical institute, while life in the countryside went on as usual. In those years, there were a lot of young people in the Dalekie. Usually boys and girls played volleyball or simply had conversations on different topics, and on Saturdays they always rushed to dance. On one of these evenings, fate brought me together with Konstantin.




The tall, fit young man danced very well, which made him stand out among others. But his main advantage was his respectful attitude towards girls and his friends. He invited the beautiful Yanina, about whom the dream girl is talking, to a waltz. Young people danced lightly and naturally. And all those present appreciated their talent with thunderous applause.


- Since then, the history of our love has been counting, continues Yanina Petrovna. The fact that he is my soul mate, I realized immediately. They met and got married in 1970. I have already said that I dreamed of becoming a doctor, but then (it happened) I entered the correspondence department of the Pedagogical Institute in the city of Minsk. She received her diploma and worked as a teacher of biology and chemistry at the Dalekskaya basic school all her life before retiring to a well-deserved rest. For many years of work in the field of education and work on educating the younger generation, she was even awarded the Certificate of Honor of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus.




Konstantin Mikhailovich did not lag behind his beloved wife. For many years he worked in the blacksmith shop at the Lidselmash enterprise. He worked tirelessly. For high performance in work, he was repeatedly awarded with certificates of honor, and his photo did not leave the factory Hall of Fame. But most importantly, in his free time, the head of the family helped his wife with the housework. Together they raised two wonderful children (the son now works at the OJSC "Lida Food Concentrates", and the daughter is the head of the nursery-kindergarten No. 23 in Lida). But the heroes of the day consider five grandchildren and three little great-grandchildren to be the main outlet in life and priceless wealth. The doors of the hospitable parental home are always open for both children and grandchildren, a warm family hearth is always waiting for them here. 




-In life, more than one pood of salt has been eaten, note Konstantin and Yanina Yanchevsky note. But understanding, patience, wisdom helped to live together for many years, to step over the line of fifty years of experience. We believe that we have passed this path with dignity: we loved and respected each other, supported in difficult situations. Feelings have not faded away even now. Over the years we grow up, change internally, but love becomes even stronger and stronger, like good wine. We are still happy!


 - Can you tell me the secret of a long married life?


 - It's very simple. Family is work. To live together for many years, you need to be able to hear each other, respect and appreciate, make decisions together. It is not for nothing that they say “both in sorrow and in joy, noted the couple at the end of a short interview.




 The Golden Wedding is one of the most important holidays in the life of a family, and it is always an honor to honor the heroes of the day. Today, the Yanchevsky couple began a new period of life together, new half a century. We wish Yanina Petrovna and Konstantin Mikhailovich to celebrate not a single beautiful anniversary, and in the near future - a diamond wedding. 



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