Pupils of the Shuchinsky children's art school returned with awards from the large-scale “International Friendship Cup television project”

Pupils of the Shuchinsky Children's Art School returned with awards from the large-scale international television project “Friendship Cup”, which was held in Minsk.


An international television project is a team of professional educators, producers, image makers and specialists from various creative fields, united by a common goal: to fulfill the most cherished dreams. This international festival brings together talented children from Belarus, Russia, Moldova, Ukraine and other countries on one site. Children, the youngest of whom were barely three years old, perform in choreographic, theatrical, instrumental, and also vocal genres.



“On stage, energetic, talented, small and large artists tried their hand and filled the pages of their biography with new bright moments,” says Irina Eroshevich, teacher of the Schuchinskaya Children's Art School. - This unique project allowed my pupils to plunge into the real atmosphere of the holiday. Participants were provided with professional advice and master classes from existing artists. I am sure that the experience gained on the project will allow our young stars to conquer new peaks and adequately represent the area at new contests.


In the nomination “Piano. Solo ”Eugene Evtushik became a laureate of 3 degrees. Anastasia Urbanovich - laureate of 2 degrees, Elizabeth Chernova - laureate of 3 degrees. The pianist duet, consisting of Anastasia Urbanovich and Elizaveta Chernova, also won a victory, the duet became a laureate of the 2nd degree. Congratulations to the young musicians and wish you new bright victories!


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