Number of agrosadeb increased by 11% in Grodno region in 2019

In the Grodno region in 2019, the number of agrosadeb increased by 11% to 394, and the number of tourists rested in such facilities increased. This was reported to the correspondent of BELTA in the Department of Sports and Tourism of the Grodno Regional Executive Committee.

The number of agroecotourism subjects registered in the territory of the Grodno region is increasing annually. In 2016, 324 agricultural enterprises worked in the region, in 2018 their number increased to 356. Most of them in Grodno and Leeds districts.

"We also note the growth of accepted tourists. Last year the estates were visited by about 85,000 guests. In 2018 the estates were accepted by about 70 thousand people, - told in the department of sports and tourism of the Grodno regional executive committee. Most of the time, Belarusian tourists were resting in agro-farms: their share was about 91%. Among foreigners, the largest number of guests came from Poland, Lithuania and Uzbekistan.

Last year the revenue from agro-ecotourism services amounted to about Br3,2 million.

In order to promote the tourist product, information about agro-eco-tourism of the region is posted on the portals of the Department of Sports and Tourism of the Grodno Regional Executive Committee, District Executive Committees, as well as websites dedicated to tourism in the region, including visa-free. Information about such objects is also available for users of the mobile application "Car Guide on Roads of the Grodno Region."

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