The Netherlands and the Czech Republic. The geography of fans of the II European Games is expanding (+ video)

At the moment, 28 sports fans have crossed the Belarusian border. Leaders in the visa-free crossing at the II European Games at checkpoints located in the Grodno region, while the fans from Poland - 12, slightly less from Germany - 8. 2 guests from Latvia and the Netherlands, one each from the Czech Republic, Sweden, Finland and the USA . At the checkpoint "Bruzgi" met already 9 foreign guests. Among them are Catherine and Jakub Stashelis. Catherine is going to cheer on basketball players, because she used to do this sport before.


- We arrived at the II European Games, but this is not our only goal. Since the fans are subject to a visa-free regime, we want to see Belarus. I myself am from Belarus, but my husband is from Poland. Before that, we had only been to Grodno, and now we can see Minsk. It’s great that a simplified border crossing mechanism was introduced for foreign fans, ”said Ekaterina.

Jakub Stashelis is actively interested in sports, and he would like to get to know Belarus more closely.

- I do not have a sports idol, but I follow the world of sport. Especially for basketball, I like it very much, especially since my wife was engaged in it. I think we will like everything, have accepted us very well, now we are going to travel, ”shared Yakub.

To cross the border through a special channel, a fan’s documents must include a national passport, a ticket in electronic or original form, which he presents at passport control. Each ticket has its own identification number, which is listed in a common database, so there can be no errors.

The skip procedure goes like a clock. It takes a little time to arrange tourists. This is one of the key points, because the flow of guests is expected to be large. A nice bonus for all foreigners traveling to the II European Games will be a visa-free regime that applies to all fans. He, by the way, will be valid until July 10.


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