Waiting for the Independence Day of the Republic of Belarus. Program of the celebrating events in Shchuchin

The solemn events are planned in the territories of the district center and all village councils. Celebrating meetings will be held in the park of culture and recreation near the obelisk, as well as in the city park. On the Freedom Square and in the city park will work the Belarusian farmstead, the sites of enterprises and organizations of the region, as well as a military camp with a field kitchen.

In the evening on the Freedom Square guests of the holiday are waiting for the evening entertainment program with the youth action "Sing the hymn together!" and a disco.

The Children’s Art Festival «Detvora» was held in Shchuchin center of culture and folk art

Pupils of Shchuchin center of culture and folk art sang, danced and recited poems for audience. For many boys and girls, it was the first performance on stage in their lives. They were worried because it was their first experience and they didn’t want to let their teachers down. It goes without saying, children were preparing for the festival a lot: they had many classes and rehearsals to learn how to play music, dance and sing. Teachers, parents and friends of the young performers were excited and touched.

The monument of Lord David of Grodno was put up on a plinth in a regional centre

Its opening will be held on 1st of June. The author of the sculpture is our fellow countryman Sergey Oganov, which won the competition for the best sketch of the monument of the great commander. The monument was created in the end of the last year and then it was delivered in Grodno. It was temporarily kept on the territory of the church in honor of all Belarusian Saints.

Everyone can be a star

What is the universal language of the mankind?

What educes us to speak eloquently?

What is the sense embodied into wonderful sounds?

What do we call the highest form of art of the world?


This is all music!

Listening to it, each person feels it speaks to them saying something sacred and important.

It’s like rain drops seeping into our hearts and reviving them.

The participants of our annual foreign song contest «Top School” always try to revive our hearts presenting us with their fiery performances. 

The programme of XII Country-wide Festival of National Cultures in Grodno

XII Country-wide Festival of National Cultures will be held in Grodno from 1st to 3rd of June. 

THE PROGRAMME* of concluding events 

Friday, 01.06 


from 12.00 

"The fair of safety" - the feast for children and adults from State Traffic Patrol Department of the Ministry of National Affairs of Belarus 



The seminar "A literary text in original and translation". 

A Look from France at Shсhuchin Ten-kilometre Running Race

The lilacs would not probably be in blossom yet – I keep thinking that on the way to Charles de Gaulle airport from where the plane will be transporting me to Minsk. The spring in France, where I am living now, is often ahead of our Belarusian spring: not only chestnut trees, but peonies as well are in flower. I suppose to see a far more reserved picture back in my homeland. However, this year May has been really warm in Belarus. The chestnut trees and lilacs in my native town Shtchoutchin surprise me with their full blooming splendour.

In Grodno met a 20-thousand visa-free tourist

The jubilee guest was a resident of the German city of Oldenburg. 

Andrey Chub together with his wife Irina and daughter Anya have a rest in one of the sanatoriums in Druskininkay in Lithuania. Knowing perfectly about the possibility to stay in Grodno, without visa, family decided not to miss the opportunity. 

A souvenir shop, a small-scale Grodno and an art café. The exhibition centre "Festivalny" will be opened by the beginning of the Festival of National Cultures

The history of the Festival of National Cultures, the traditions of the peoples living in Belarus, their modern art and a concert with a cup of coffee – you can visit, see and learn all these things under the same roof. The address is Grodno, Telmana Street, building 4. Right here, in this historical building, the exhibition centre "Festivalny" has settled. Its opening is planned for the days of сoncluding events of XII Country-wide Festival of National Cultures. 


Elizaveta Evtushik - laureat I stopieni Republikańskiego konkursu wykonawców na instrumentach ludowych nazwanych imionami. I.I. Żinowicz, który niedawno przeszedł w Mińsku

Dziewczyny trzeciej klasy szkoły artystycznej Shchuchyna w kategorii "bałałajka" po prostu nie było równych! Lisa świetnie wykonała trzy kompozycje, na scenie była pewna siebie. Jej artyzm, charyzma i sposób gry po prostu  zaczarowali właściwy jury.

The 25th international forum on information and communication technologies TIBO 2018 is running in Minsk on 14-18 May

The 25th international forum on information and communication technologies TIBO 2018 is running in Minsk on 14-18 May. Held since 1994, TIBO is one of the largest forums in the CIS and Baltic countries. Its participants are leading Belarusian and foreign manufacturers of telecommunication equipment, computers and software, tools and security systems, ICT services providers. In 2018 it will bring together more than 100 companies from 15 countries (Belarus, Azerbaijan, the United Kingdom, the United States, China, Japan, and others).