Shchuchinsky grammar-school boys played Pygmalion in two languages – Russian and English!

On the stage of the regional center of culture and folk art the most interesting action was developed: the audience was had to England the beginnings of the 20th century and became accomplices of amusing transformation of the street florist ninny in … the refined lady.

The reconstruction of the checkpoint "Kamenny Log" is scheduled to start in 2019

The reconstruction of the checkpoint "Kamenny Log" is scheduled to begin in 2019. This was announced by Yuriy Senko, the chairman of the State Customs Committee, at a meeting of the public consultative council under the State Customs Committee. 

Waiting for the Independence Day of the Republic of Belarus. Program of the celebrating events in Shchuchin

The solemn events are planned in the territories of the district center and all village councils. Celebrating meetings will be held in the park of culture and recreation near the obelisk, as well as in the city park. On the Freedom Square and in the city park will work the Belarusian farmstead, the sites of enterprises and organizations of the region, as well as a military camp with a field kitchen.

The Children’s Art Festival «Detvora» was held in Shchuchin center of culture and folk art

Pupils of Shchuchin center of culture and folk art sang, danced and recited poems for audience. For many boys and girls, it was the first performance on stage in their lives. They were worried because it was their first experience and they didn’t want to let their teachers down.

The monument of Lord David of Grodno was put up on a plinth in a regional centre

Its opening will be held on 1st of June. The author of the sculpture is our fellow countryman Sergey Oganov, which won the competition for the best sketch of the monument of the great commander. The monument was created in the end of the last year and then it was delivered in Grodno. It was temporarily kept on the territory of the church in honor of all Belarusian Saints.

Everyone can be a star

What is the universal language of the mankind?

What educes us to speak eloquently?

What is the sense embodied into wonderful sounds?

What do we call the highest form of art of the world?


This is all music!

Listening to it, each person feels it speaks to them saying something sacred and important.

The programme of XII Country-wide Festival of National Cultures in Grodno

XII Country-wide Festival of National Cultures will be held in Grodno from 1st to 3rd of June. 

THE PROGRAMME* of concluding events 

Friday, 01.06 


from 12.00 

"The fair of safety" - the feast for children and adults from State Traffic Patrol Department of the Ministry of National Affairs of Belarus