The youth of the Grodno region sent more than a hundred postcards to healthcare institutions as part of the project “Thank you to the doctors”

This action simultaneously started in all regions of the country. Grodno region was no exception.



The residents of regional centers will have the opportunity to send their cards with wishes and words of gratitude. The project is implemented by the regional committee of the youth union with the assistance of RUE Belpochta.



photo_2020-04-14_17-05-08.jpgphoto_2020-04-14_17-04-57 (2).jpg



- On behalf of the youth, we thank all health workers who are at the medical post every day, receive home calls, receive appointments, visit and treat patients, provide explanations and counseling, prescribe treatment and are simply nearby. Therefore, we invite everyone not to stand aside, but to join our youth initiative, said Anna Sarosek, first secretary of the regional committee of the Belarusian Republican Youth Union.



The promotion will last more than a month. Anyone can participate in it. A prerequisite for sending a postcard will be a prescribed hashtag #Thankyoutothe medics and the exact address of the healthcare institution. A post card can be sent to the address of a specific doctor or nurse and for the whole staff of the medical institution.



There are many options for how your mail card will look. For example, a unique handmade greeting card or a ready-made sketch, which can be downloaded on the website “Youth of Belarus” ( It remains only to print it, sign it and drop it in the mailbox of any post office.



Alexander Glutkin as the assistant professor of pediatric surgery at the Grodno State Medical University, notes that such moral support for physicians is very important.



-Most medical professionals are sacrificing themselves and their time for the benefit of others. This is hard and responsible work. Therefore, each of us should think about our safety, observe the most precautionary measures, take care of ourselves and our loved ones

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