“M6” is now on iOS and Android: before the end of the year, a mobile application with information on the roads and attractions of the region will be presented in Grodno

So far, the working name of the application is “Grodno-R”.  


Until the end of the year, a mobile application will be presented in Grodno that will help the tourist independently, interestingly and informatively plan their car route along the Priemanemye.  


An application is being developed based on the existing M6 Grodno mobile auto-guiding application, which has been available to Android and iOS users since last summer. To date, more than 500 people have rated it in the work. About 380 users have chosen for themselves the Russian-language version. The version in English was downloaded by more than 150 people.



An extended version of the application will tell about all points of tourist interest, not only along one highway. In addition to republican roads, all local roads will be included in it. So far, the working name of the application is “Grodno-R”. If everything is very clear with the first “component” of the name, then behind the second are two meanings of “R” as “road” - a road and as a sign of quality and authenticity by analogy with the designation ®.


- This application is being developed directly by the sports and tourism department of the regional executive committee with the technical support of one of the capital's firms. Dozens of people are involved in this work, including those who constantly update information by region, ”said Oleg Andreychik, head of the sports and tourism department of the regional executive committee.


No need to confuse a travel guide with a navigator. Its main function is not just to get directions, but to make it as interesting and informative as possible. Following from point “A” to point “B”, for example, users can learn all about the work of museums and the proximity to a given highway of architectural monuments. With such an application, a caravan will always be in the know where to stay for the night or have lunch. And not only to find the desired point on the map, but also to get acquainted with the minimum information about a particular object, whether it be a museum, architectural monument or farmstead.



- Unlike the “M6 Grodno” application, its extended version will imply user feedback. If necessary, on the basis of the here and now principle, it will be possible to suggest the administrator to make changes, for example, to the museum’s operating mode, - adds Oleg Andreychik.


In addition, the new application will be synchronized with social networks. Talk about his strengths and weaknesses, and possibly find like-minded companions on the eve of the planned trip, it will be possible in the so-called social chat rooms.


Another option for a new application in the future may be the possibility of planning event tourism. In the future, they plan to supplement it with a calendar of the most interesting and significant holidays. You can install the application, which in its essence will be an expanded interactive tourist map, on a smartphone or tablet.



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