Everyone can be a star

What is the universal language of the mankind?

What educes us to speak eloquently?

What is the sense embodied into wonderful sounds?

What do we call the highest form of art of the world?


This is all music!

Listening to it, each person feels it speaks to them saying something sacred and important.

It’s like rain drops seeping into our hearts and reviving them.

The participants of our annual foreign song contest «Top School” always try to revive our hearts presenting us with their fiery performances. 

And, as usual, the audience are to  choose the performer or performers deserving the Audience Award.

It has already become a tradition of our contest to start it with a valentine card from Darya Vitko with her fiery dance.

In 2018 the right to open the Contest was given to the Grand Prix Winner of TOP SCHOOL 2017 Polina Rusetskaya with the song «You’re Simply the Best»! Polina was gorgeous!

It’s wonderful, when all the family members are all at the same wavelength and share the same interests. The example of such a family are the Panovs. A brother and a sister sang together and that was great!

It's simply impossible to imagine our competition without Polina Bekish, because for many years she has been giving us a piece of her soul.

Elena Chernyak and Veronika Tsyngaleva are always warmly welcomed and enjoyed by the audience.

Group «THE  ROOTS» performed the song «Despacito». The video for the song  has already become the most viewed on the Internet, and the name of its performer, without exaggeration, is known even to children.

Last year the song «Boulevard of Broken Dreams» was performed by a group of 11-graders. This year it has been performed by our younger generation. They were not worse, maybe even better.

Music has united people and has brought happiness to them since ancient times. Our life is full of bright colours thanks to  music. You really understand that life is wonderful in such moments.

 Our participants, the group «EpicenteR»,  told us about it in the song «It’s my life».

Each year we gather together to get a portion of positive emotions we get from our participants. Thank you for the music!  

Yulia Mikhno.

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