Athletes from 24 countries will compete for 10 sets of awards at the II European Games

The final composition of the teams that will compete for the awards of the competitions of the II European Athletics Games has been determined, the press service of the Games Directorate told BelTA.


Teams from 24 countries: Belarus, Bulgaria, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Spain, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland will take part in the start-ups that will be held at the Dynamo National Olympic Stadium. , Portugal, Romania, Russia (athletes who have received permission from the International Association of Athletics Federations), Slovenia, Switzerland, Slovakia, Turkey, Ukraine. The total number of athletes - 504.


Track and field competitions of the II European Games will be held in a new format - Dynamic New Athletics (DNA). The European Athletics Association approved the program of the tournament, which included 9 types (individual and relay races). In addition, another, the tenth set of awards will be presented to the best teams in the team competition.

The DNA format of the competition involves matches between mixed teams, where all teams will be divided into groups, starting with the qualifying round. In each match there are competitions in the following nine types:

1. Running 100 m (women).

2. Running 100 m (men).

3. Running 100 m hurdles (women).

4. Running 110 m hurdles (men).

5. Javelin throw (women).

6. Long jump (women).

7. High jumps (men).

8. Relay race 4x400 m (2 women, 2 men).

9. Mixed relay race in the form of pursuit race (2 women, 2 men).

Winners and prize-winners of individual types and relay races will be determined on the basis of the results of the first competition day (June 23), when the qualifying round will be held. Awarding the best in nine species is scheduled for June 24th. Quarter-finals will be held on June 25, semi-finals - on June 26. The final, which will be awarded the tenth set of awards, is June 28.


The principle of team competitions and the accrual of points in them remains the same. Athletes who will be the strongest in each type of program will earn 12 points (in the standings of their team). The runners-up will get 10 points (and then each next place will decrease by 2 points). The best team will be determined by the number of points scored.

Thus, after the approval of the program of athletics competitions, the total number of sets of awards has increased to 200, which will be played during the II European Games, and about 4 thousand athletes will take part in the forum.


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